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    hey bridget i was just wondering what your myspace link was i saw that you had one on a post.
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    Melanie K

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    Hi Bridget....just checking in to see how you are doing. I went back to the fertility docs this week...and they want to go ahead with the IUI plan they had for me before I got pregnant with my boys. However...I did get my cycle last month...and according to the calendar I should be ovulating now...IF I ovulate at all!! So just in case my husband and I are trying on our own. Fingers crossed that it will happen naturally as it did before. I hope you and your family is well. Melanie


    Reply from gg:

    hello melanie, i hope all goes well with you and your baby dance. me and mine are doing good, i guess, just tired, having some issues with extreme thirst, and im dizzy alot will check with the dr. soon if it dont stop, extremly tired...i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. good luck. take care.
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    Melanie K

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    Hey are not alone. I hope you've found some peace today...Melanie


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    thank you so much melanie, today was a bit better...